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Machining Capabilities

At Springfield M. & D. we have over 25,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space with loading and receiving docks. Our CNC equipment is some of the latest and best in the industry.

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Machining Centers

Mori Seiki MV80B

CNC Vertical

Capacity: 29.5"x32"x80"

20 hp., 10-3500 RPM

Table load capacity: 6615 Lbs.

4th axis

Tool Changer: 40 Tools (w/Mori Seiki positioning scale & Renishaw coordinate probe w/accuracy of .0002)

Mori Seiki MV50

CNC Vertical

Capacity: 21.65"x21.65"x40"

20 hp., 4000 RPM

Table load capacity: 1000 Lbs.

4th axis

Tool Changer: 24 Tools

Acroloc Series 10

CNC Vertical

Capacity: 15"x30"x17"

15 hp., 0 - 3600 RPM

4th axis

Tool Changer: 12 Tools

Hurco Hawk 5 SSM

CNC Vertical

Capacity: 6"x14"x31"

5 hp., 100-3500 RPM

Table load capacity: 800 Lbs.

Turning Centers

Okuma Big Bore Cadet LNC-8BB

10 hp.

Max. turning dia.: 9.8"x19.69" lgth. x2.2" spindle bore x 15.75 dia. Swing over ways.

20 hp., 10-3500 RPM

12 tool turret, 10" chuck & collet system, tailstock for shaft work.

Mori Seiki LL- 7

CNC Lathe

Capacity: 40" dia. X 139" 19th

40 hp., 6-1150 RPM

4 tool main post

4 tool inverse post

4 jaw chuck; 28" dia.

3 jaw chuck 24" dia.

Two Takisawa Astroturn CNX540

CNC Lathe

Capacity: 20"x60"

15 hp., 2-2000 RPM

Front I.D.- 4 Tool sq.turret

Rear O.D. - 6 Tool disk turret

Tailstock for turning shaft work

Wire EDM

Two Sodick A53-DX

CNC Wire Cut EDM

Mark EX21 Control

Capacity 12.5" x19.5"x10.6" Ht.


Two Ikegai Lathes

Capacity: 16"x60"

6 jaw chuck

12" 4 jaw chuck

Face plates

Turret tool posts

Ikegai Lathe

Capacity: 25"x60"

4 jaw chuck

3 jaw chuck

Turret tool post

Leblond Lathe

Capacity: 16"x48"

6 jaw chuck

12" 4 jaw chuck

Face plates

Turret tool post

SouthBend Lathe

Capacity: 16"x72"

12" 4 jaw chuck

12" 3 jaw chuck

Tapper attachment

Collet set

Face plates

Meuser L type Lathe

40"dia. swing over gap

28" over ways x 120" lgth.

4.5"spindle bore

3 jaw 12" & 24" chucks

Face plates

Tapper attachment

Horizontal Boring Mills



4" Spindle w/24" travel

Digital Readouts



4" Spindle w/24" travel

Digital Readouts


Renishaw Cyclone

Capacity: 23.6"x19.7"x15.7"


Mig, Tig, Stick, Gas, Heliarc, and Spray

Broken Tap Removal

Cammann Drill &anp; Tap remover/burner

General Equipment

Six Bridgeport Milling Machines w/Digital Readouts.

Radial Drills & Drill Presses


22 Ft. cut

250 Ton Try-out Press

Precision Honing

Automatic Key Seater

Universal Box & Pan Brake 48" 12 ga.

Scotchman 40 Ton Ironworker

Gap Press 50 Ton

Chicago Brake Press 90 Ton 10 ft. capacity

Grinding Equipment

Surface Grinders up to 48"

O.D. & I.D. Grinding: 12"dia.x40"lgth

Blanchard Grinding 40" dia. Capacity

Heat Treating

Lucifer Heat Treat Furnace

Capacity 12"x12"x 24"

Support Equipment

Precision Cold Saw

Cuts to size w/ mill finish

Automatic Cut Off Saw w/Bar feed

Lifting Capacity 15,000 Lbs.

5 Ton Truck